Wednesday, May 12, 2010

'Hydrogenase' - The Future of the City?

A friend of ours discovered these provocative images and passed them our way. Vincent Callebaut's latest futuristic idea suggests a self-sufficient organic airship. Powered on biofuel produced from sea weed, it is an idealised inhabitable form that draws its inspiration from nature.Callebaut's vertical aircrafts could provide a solution to the growing number of displaced populations from climate change, in an architecture that is "subversive and fundamentally critic towards the ways of living of our contemporary society that we have to reinvent totally.”

The organic airship would aim to be sustainable inhabitable transport. Perhaps this is the skyscraper of the future? Wouldn't this bring a new level of flexibility and dynamism to the urban skyline?!

We couldn't resist but to share this with everybody, because for a few minutes there we were in la la land, dreaming of the possibilities of flying towers...till we came crashing back to earth that is the present!

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