Thursday, July 29, 2010

Barangaroo - South Commercial Precinct

Revised commercial precinct (reduced number of buildings and building heights, revised island tower hotel design)

Commercial precinct viewed from Darling Harbour showing proposed new hotel tower

Commercial hub and external public waterfront and walkway, with the hotel island at the right hand side of the view

Public esplanade with low-rise mixed use development and greenery at its edge, and the business district visible behind, providing a more human scale to the public space

The revised south commercial precinct design favours reduced building heights and visual scale across the business district, combating some of the criticism the earlier submission received. A new tower design on a reduced, less prominent island footprint, perches above the public level, somewhat less obtrusively than the previous proposed island tower. Its height has also been reduced from 213 metres to 159 metres.

In the financial hub, the number of commercial towers has been reduced from 4 to 3, and the public pier reduced from 150 metres to 85 metres in length. The precinct's cultural building has been redesigned and shifted to the northern park to allow a public waterfront.

Whilst the scheme is still far from its final design, the precinct including its landscaped parks are conceptually beginning to take shape and public interest is growing. The latest proposal was submitted to the NSW Department of Planning in July, after a six month consultation period with the public and the business sector. Building work has begun at the very southern end of the site, and plans are in place to begin cleaning up the contamination of the site, from its previous use as gasworks.

Further information can be found at;

In terms of our design process, we will spend our final university semester utilising our previous semester of experimental research into new building typologies and meaningful form for this site; contemporary digital design grounded in a theoretical architectural context. We hope to propose a new tower and precinct design that invigorates Sydney and challenges pre-conceived ideas of what this precinct, and present-day urban design should include. We hope that you watch this site closely for design updates and we are very enthusiastic to be arriving at the exciting 'design' component of our final year architectural course.

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