Saturday, July 31, 2010

Week 1 - Preliminary process

The design development of the Barangaroo Tower (Big Red):

Height: 159m

Area: 33,000m2

Our process for the concept and is as follows:

The Manchester law courts have a totally square metre area relative to the proposed square metre area for Big Red. Taking our final most refined explorations from semester 1 we will bring our projects into reality through architectural resolution. Both Lucy and Joseph will work on each other’s best concept models and aim to incorporate the design elements of which are best suited to the two unique forms.

Model 1 – predominantly a horizontal skyscraper this form will incorporate a digital billboard and ground level free-programming events space.

Model 2 – a skyscraper dominated by a lattice form will incorporate an extension of the monorail and ferry terminal.

These two individual models will work simultaneously in creating a design solution that will emphasise the idea of destination along with facilitating business as usual, thus fusing the attractions of both the professional and tourist as one. This building will explore the two critical elements that create a successful destination, being; transport & venue while creating unique habitable spaces for regular patrons.

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