Sunday, August 29, 2010

Lattice members - Research

Images from the the 3ds max model imported from max: complex joint connections

Following the aesthetic of Robert Maillart's - Salginatobel Bridge the lattice form will take on the minimalist sublime.

As an area of inspiration origami provides a strategy in realising the complex joints. The process of of order acts to create unique and diverse shapes that can be easily reproduced out of a easily massed produced plane material (sheet material).

In concept the joints could be custom made to match each nodule point through deconstructing the BIM Revit models. However, we have decided that we would bring the joints together in a more haptic way embodying the chaotic ambience of the overall structure to be enjoyed by those who take on the challenge to climb through the lattice that will also be an extreme adventure course for dare-devil tourists.

The beams would be modular construction to a point. The lattice will be made up of trussed cross members in order to distribute the dynamic forces that it will be subjected to. As the grid is irregular the lattice will be subject to immense shear force as well as complex tension and compression.

The nodule connection would be costume made through the use of BIM technology in order to be custom made and made off site.

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