Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Earlier preparation for Esquisse 1

In preparation for the Esquisse the development of these marketing images helped to formulate in our minds how these spaces might be used in anticipation of our step towards architectural planning and programming of the building.

This space became a vertical gallery, offering the exclusive exhibition experience the the Barangaroo development while taking full advantage of the view.

This image encapsulates the absurdity of the structure, particularly how to treat the spaces that have been engulfed by the lattice structure.

A perception of how the ferry terminal might look and the view of the building that passengers might experience when docking into port.

This image, while abstract provides a perception of how the otherwise narrow spaces will be enlarged by the view extraordinary view out over the harbor.

This image is a play on the concept from semester 1, the Lion/Tourist and the Zebra/Professional relationship becomes the catalysis for the external stairway which work as a performance space.

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