Sunday, September 19, 2010

Class Exercise

The long awaited class exercise! These were the class drawings for the mass study 2 now extinct.

RO's Image - cool idea to make the lattice into a bridge like structure, that would help with some of the circulation issue in the building, however, I forgot to mention the are only 2m square so the scale is a bit out...
JO's image - shows how the lattice shape could interact with the people, exit shoots, picture hanging and observatories! good job!
RO's image - an excellent idea to insert a hanging gallery exhibition space, I really liked the inclusion of a solid base level, this really accentuates the sense of hanging.
ROZ Image - connection joint detailing, these ideas pretty much sum up out two options either create a node custom connection were standard member attach or randomly connect as required. We went for option two.
LUCY's Image - Trust you to make a GYM.. :) cool idea! creative with the pole and i really liked the stair detail! good job.
JACKEY's Image - uP sIdE DoWn, Up SiDe dOwN, but the idea of the grand stairs is a great entrance idea.
RUSSELL's Image - Detailing of the lattice and connections, looking great but probably a bit of a large task for a 10 minute exercise, its a complex one! loving the industrial look though, very interesting and intricate connection details!

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