Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Earlier preparation for Esquisse 2

Once the floor plans and sectional studies were completed in Revit, and the BIM model had developed to a more complex level, it seemed imperative to explore how the building might be expressed in its architectural form on the site, alongside the surrounding buildings and esplanade.

In addition, the roof terrace was growing in significance, the 'sky deck' and edge experience became an architectural element in itself, so it seemed fitting to explore an exceptional event at this high level; the previous reference to 'high fashion' in last semester's work seemed fitting for this terrace. Therefore I developed a fashion catwalk show, complete with supermodels, superb lighitng and paparazzi.
Finally, to explore the predator prey theme that we continued from Semester 1, I felt the entry zone was evoking a dark, complex character, the filtered light and overlaying jagged members, adding to its disturbing presence. It was the fitting environment for the arrival of the lion and the zebras, only I wanted to spice up the metaphor and provide an alternative to last semester's brutal lion victory over the zebra. Instead, I gave the zebra's the safety of numbers, as 'professionals' they are chasing the predatory lion, or 'tourist' (in this case, Hilary Swank) and she is running for her life! The zebra stripes blend to fur, in what I believe is a unique and expressive portrayal of the building's arrival point.

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