Thursday, October 7, 2010

Sketches & Urban Design

The sketches below have been inspired by reading on urban design principles and represent the universal concepts that have been employed within our project.

There are a few common threads that emerge through the diagrams:

services: the presence of services within a design can be handles in a few different ways, concealed/revealed, internal/external, universal/local

floor space: the dimensions of floor space dictate its possible use.
large open spaces are enabling spaces proving flexibility of use
mid sized open space allow for circulation with small pockets of enabling spaces
small sized spaces become set function being primarily circulation

floor levels at different heights that are not just stacked on one another allow for cross visual relationships which provide connection and synthesis of space.

mass and volume proximity: building mass can act to shelter elevate and articulate gateway.

contrast is an important element in expressing language, the differentiation speaks to what something is compared to what it is not.

This sketch below simple shows the articulation of mass and the trick that is currently being used at Barangaroo... a simplistic mass can be made to look more interesting through the X-ray representation of the internals however, once constructed the mass will not embody this same quality but rather read as hard forms.

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