Thursday, June 17, 2010

Carsten Nicolai - interactive matrix

Carsten Nicolai >>> "Identical three-dimensional forms have been designed to physically interlock with each other in order to build a repetitive surface. Visitors are encouraged to interact and create new structures.

Along with it monochrome silk-screened panels are hung to the wall − interpretations of repeating patterns from which segments are blacked out in order to create a virus-like effect. Since the entire regulatory mechanism of the design is based on random personal decisions, new patterns are continuously emerging. modular re.strukt is a project focused on the notions of modular standardization, industrialization and self-repeating systems contained in the utopian ideals of modernism."

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  1. Nicolai's work was a inspiration to our realisation of the matrix as a concept compared to a grid. The idea of rigidity within a grid vs the potential of a matrix acted as diagram providing and deeper understanding of the intricacy of the theoretical matrix.