Thursday, June 17, 2010

User Group

Barangaroo competing users >>> Professional / Tourist 

zoomorphism; the attribution of animal characteristics or qualities...

anthromorphism; the attribution of human characteristics to non-human creatures, forms, objects, phenomena or concepts...

metaphor;  a figure of speech in which an expression is used to refer to something that it does not literally denote in order to suggest a similarity...

predator > prey
        lion > zebra
   tourist > professional

Professional – Zebra
·         The zebra is part of a herd/corporation. Singularity is its weakness.
·         The zebra represents a structured existence; routine existence is cooperative with the herd; eat, sleep, drink as a group.
·         The zebra represents the professional; their structured daily work life is a part of the collective professional body; work, lunch break, coffee break, to and from work.
·         The zebra (professional) is relatively harmless, and goes about its business independently
·         The professional is disrupted by the lion (tourist), who feeds on their existence and upsets their lifestyle.
·         He is the unsuspecting victim to her brutal invasion of privacy and environment
·         He is driven by fear of this noisy, unpredictable tourist that might destroy his perfect, quiet, computer-focused world.
·         He thinks of numbers and spreadsheets, he is cautious and risk averse. His actions are analytical and ordered. He represents the machine.

Tourist – Lion

·         The lion operates in a strategic fashion, observing and pre-empting its opportunities (prey).
·         The lion savagely interrupts the zebra’s existence.
·         The lion represents chaos, disorder and disruption.
·         The lion is uncontrollable, its movement is unpredictable.
·         The tourist (lion) is loud, obnoxious, disrespectful, will stop at nothing to get that ‘kodak  moment’.
·         She refuses to stand in line, she is cunning and the professionals are at her mercy.
·         She stands out amongst a sea of black suits, and is on the prowl. REOW
·         She is not a typical tourist, no matching hat and flag for her.
·         She is an outsider to the corporate world, and is out to sustain herself; she is the ‘spanner in the works’.

Based on our interpretation of the tourist, our third experiment explores this sculptural unpredictable personality, as opposed to the rigid revit  formula-driven form of the professional.

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