Thursday, June 17, 2010

Matrix < > Grid

Grid < > Matrix
Sabine Eckmann & Lutz Koepnick

This book was instrumental in helping us to define a matrix, and establish the difference between 'grid' and matrix'. Matrix is defined in countless ways, from the Latin work mather meaning mother, or uturus, to the idea of embedding, enclosing and supporting, like a rock that encloses a fossil, to the idea of modernist matrixes, which act as a changing, immeasurable moving surface. The matrix introduces the fourth dimension of 'time' into a grid, or organisation system. It is algorithm based, and is limitless in the number of opportunities for new aesthetic interpretations. New patterns are always emerging. Different explorations of grids and matrixes are recounted through art and the digital world, notably Carsten Nicolai's modular.restrukt which became a catalyst for our matrix pattern.

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