Thursday, April 1, 2010

Initial Sketch Up Form Generating Concept - Paintings

Image 1: Taking Picasso's painting the Weeping Woman 1937, i decided to attempt to recreate the dynamic folds and shapes that take place in the women's handkerchief as she cries.

Image 2: It is hard to see but the I have drawn a hierarchy of lines in the Z co-ordinate from the major folds in the handkerchief.

Image 3: The purple shapes highlight the elements that are affecting the shape of the handkerchief, the women's tears and hands manipulate the dynamic shapes as she cries.

Connecting all of the lines a array of dynamic shapes take form representing the handkerchief. While to an extent the shapes are a copy of the painting, a new form emerges representative of the original image but distinctively different.

Working in the 3D the issue of how to form a complete shape emerges and how do the sides of the handkerchief form? This issue highlights the complications of turning a 2D shape into a 3D mass.

The unfolded shapes become the blue print of the original. While a mass has been formed I decided to model only a remnant of the handkerchief. The process of unfolding highlights a range of complications which will need to be perfected in order to ensure maximum efficiency for the future.

Time consuming arise as the shape is unfolded, the triangles can over lay onto each other and without carful consideration to the final unfolded shape one can find themselves at a point of no return, unable to move forward without overlapping shapes, yet over invested in time already spent unfolding up to this point.

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