Friday, April 30, 2010

Draft Experiment 1: Cross-examination

Week 8 Experiment 1 Draft

Thoughts to consider this week, based on discussions in class, recommendations by others and questions posed on reflection...

  • Hybrid Urban Form - is this where we are heading, in terms of building form?
  • 1970s Leicester Uni Engineering Building - James Stirling - an early example of hybrid building typology, almost an early example of OMA's Museum Plaza - thanks Jacky!
  • Mishmash - the upset of conventional form
  • Anthony Burke - Network Practices; New Strategies in Architecture & Design - might be worth a look into, thanks again JAcky!
  • Stagnant - what is it? How do we define it? Is it centri-fugal? Is it anything and everything that isn't horizontal or vertical?
  • What is a crafted' building? Is it harder to craft a building that is not just tall or long? Define crafting; crafting structure, crafting facade, crafting programming.
  • What constitutes a well-crafted Revit model? (find out from faculty tech experts)
  • Potential new hypothesis: some buildings might be better 'crafted' into something else?
  • A 'crafted' object requires a craftsperson to create it - this is the under-valued role of the architect - we cannot simply use a tool or instrument to generate building form - rather an instrument requires a skilled technician to 'play' it - create it.
  • Derida's 'notion of the supplement' - something extra? what is this, find out asap.
  • Revit 2010 - download it, play with it...

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