Thursday, April 22, 2010

Photoshoot! (architects get up close and personal with models...)

The photographs below are some of the strongest images of our 'documentation', the exploration we have been conducting in folded cardboard forms and laser-cut shapes. We set up a rudimentary photoshoot in our garage and with a tripod digital SLR camera, a few ikea lamps and some bright yellow wrapping paper as a backdrop, in a nice long sunday we were able to take the 281 photos it took, to get some clear, quality images.

This shot depicts accurately the contorted shape of the paper form, with a complimentary inward-facing shadow providing a complimentary duality between the two.

This form suggest movement with its directional lines and angular surfaces that .
These triangular shapes were captured as if they were floating across the room - showing modular construction can still be dynamic.
This modular form took the shape of an organism, with its intricate junctions.

The individual models share a similar syntax.

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  1. I like the way you have used the shadows to amplify the structures - it is quite powerful. It brings the structures to life - as if they speak to their shadows. Nettoi