Thursday, April 22, 2010

The Problem Space

The typical tower typology is limited by means of circulation. The elevator has become the tower’s core structure, facilitating the movement of people amongst the monotonously stacked floor plans. At present, there is an absence of radical contemporary tower design within Sydney, as Sydney skyscrapers follow unanimous typology. Towers that challenge the norm have been celebrated elsewhere for creating alternative experiences and programming flexibility.
Towers present the challenge of how to maintain a sense of individuality and artistic expression whilst sustaining appeal within an ever-evolving consumerist environment. According to the book ‘Skyplane’, the tower emerged in the 1920-50s as not just the symbol of corporate capitalism but rather a business in its own right, associated with the image of prestige and pretension. Today the perception of the tower is changing as the typology is applied to area of human life other than business, such as residential and public amenities.

Building/site possibilities:
Barangaroo Precinct, Sydney Harbour, provides the opportunity for the architectural manifestation of our three explorations. Our experiments will provide a stimulative framework which will inform our complex site analysis. This proposed development comprising of a new ferry terminal, financial & commercial hub, and numerous public space and parkland, is the next harbour development planned for Sydney, and the last undeveloped land of the harbour.
Client/user group:
Under the present zoning development guidelines, Barangaroo will be populated by Sydney’s elite professionals and international tourists.

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  1. So this is where you two have been hiding all this time.

    While on your topic of site (not sure how this might help, but) maybe have a look at the schemes presented for Barangaroo a while back. Super Colossal summarised the schemes here.

    Also, where are those photos you presented on Friday? I thought they were great and really evocative - I can't wait to see them again in the photo-montages you suggested.