Thursday, April 22, 2010

Vertical - Present - Consumerism

Theoretical issue:
The present capitalist era thrives on consumerism – the measure of success is determined by material acquisition of desired commodities. This cyclic desire for the latest technology results in a gluttony of excess and an infinite accumulation of the obsolete.

Reinvigorate the obsolete…

Weeks 10-11/15

“Waste equals food, whether it's food for the earth, or for a closed industrial cycle. We manufacture products that go from cradle to grave. We want to manufacture them from cradle to cradle.” (William McDonough)

‘Tall Building: Imagining the Skyscraper’ – Scott Johnson
‘Cradle to Cradle’ William McDonough

Precedent 1-2:
Ensamble Studio’s “Truffle House” – rapid construction, strawbale house & filmic presentation
‘Shipping Container buildings’ – Weekend House, Keetwonen Complex & Container City

Method of investigation:
1. Research current uses for obsolete materials
2. Develop appropriate film editing skills & software expertise
3. Use an obsolete material to construct a vertical structure in a specified timeframe, documented by film.

Modes of representation:
Creative filmic presentation of our research and the experiment.

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