Thursday, April 22, 2010

Barangaroo, Sydney Harbour - Selected Site

Image: Courtesy of Barangaroo Authority

This development comprising of a new ferry terminal, financial & commercial hub, and numerous public space and parkland, is the next harbour development planned for Sydney, and the last undeveloped land of the harbour.

One of the most vigorous and eye-catching components of the design is the island hotel that protrudes into the harbour, providing an iconic tower which compliments the Sydney skyline. Certainly a controversial proposal, igniting much debate about architecture and development in Sydney, we feel this site will give us the flexibility we want to design a tower that is revolutionary; inspired by the future, but residing in a historic location, a tower that will snugly fit into the dense Sydney skyline, but is situated in its own prominent location at the new gateway to the city, where its radical aesthetics and technology-advanced building and façade system will be visible from afar.
This site also allows us, as new citizens to Sydney, to engage with Sydney in a topical subject, and be a part of the conversation. We were fortunate enough to attend a recent public seminar regarding the joint Lendlease and Richard Rogers’ proposal for this site, which included speakers such as Paul Keating and Richard Rogers, who both highly praised the design and outlined its benefits to the Sydney community. We look forward to finding out more information about the proposal and are excited that now we have selected a site for our building, we can progress with our experimentation and research, confident that we have a ‘place’, to ground our play.

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